Clarity & Book Coach

Helloooo, I'm Linda Vettrus-Nichols your clarity and simplicity coach. In order to provide you with more clarity, I put together many years of high end coaching and my understanding of Authentic Vibration Relationship Marketing. Why? Because WHO YOU ARE SELLING rather than what you are selling is what really matters. Who are you?

Let's find out.

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My Story

As a clarity coach, my zone of genius is keeping you in yours. Getting CLEAR doesn’t have to take months, weeks, or even days! My clients get results in just minutes because we work at the level of the Soul.


You already have your message, brand, and book in you.


I cut straight through the bullshit to zero in on the clarity that lives in your Soul. Clarity keeps you on brand, authentic, and turns you into a client magnet. It also improves your social media content. 

People have said that having a clarity session with me was like a year of therapy packed into one hour.


"Within the first five minutes I went from not knowing the direction I really wanted to take to making a clear decision and knowing my next steps. Linda’s clarity session helped me gain insight into who I am at my core. Her candid assessment of me helped me stop hiding from myself, face who I am, and what’s happened to me. She walked me through doing a release which helped me face a childhood trauma, and stop being triggered by it in the present. I highly recommend doing a clarity session with her."

What’s “one thing” you could really use clarity around?

I've been called the Queen of Clarity. The gift of who I am came with a lot of misunderstanding. The way I saw the world, which in some ways was confusing and in other ways made complete sense, was a kind of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz experience. 


My life was inside the twister.


When I was four, my father went to the VA hospital for depression. After he had spent two months there, our family moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Tacoma, Washington for a year.


The first day of kindergarten, a tumbleweed chased me home. I had never seen one before. By the time I reached the front door, the crinoline under my dress was full of sand and my mother wouldn't let me into the house. Even though I was begging her to let me in, she wanted to shake it out first. My tears didn't stop her.


The twister in my head went wild. What's happening and why? It didn't make sense and yet some of it made perfect sense. It's no big deal, my mom just wants to shake out the sand.

There were other experiences of feeling like I wasn't being listened to. I was critiqued and there was a loss of confidence from those experiences.


Not being understood didn't make sense to me. 


When it came to dance that was a different story, I didn't have to engage my mind. I didn't have to figure things out. I could be within the intelligence of my body. That place of all understanding. It was a natural integration. Later in life I realized that I was more advanced than others. I had the ability to think and feel from my body. My truth came easily. Being a dancer was beautiful and freeing. It gave me my angel wings and allowed me to walk through the world in my true state of being.


After losing my father to suicide a month before my senior year of high school, I experienced a gymnastics injury six months later. The doctors said I'd never dance again, and I'd be lucky if I could walk. Even though I was eventually able to dance, I got married and had a family. 


I lost myself and gave up my path of freedom. 


My college degree was in Special Education. I loved teaching and began to see myself as the Special Ed. Teacher.


Years later I was reminded that I am The Dancer. I own it now more than ever...

Dance is about strength - I am a strong woman.


Dance is about learning to take the next step and actually taking it.


Dancers are grounded and move from their core.


Dancers stay in flow while remaining grounded, They know how to move through the chaos and take their next step.


Dance is from the Soul and in the Soul there is no fear. The Soul is here to experience the experience.


I now walk from the level of my fully embodied Soul and I teach my clients to do the same.


I'm always looking for new and Soulful experiences. Let's connect.

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