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PTSD * procrastination * self-sabotage * suicide ideation * MST
and other repetitive behaviors

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The CR Process

Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression®


(RBCR) is a 30 Day VIP Experience that includes a CR Session to decrease anxiety, fear, procrastination, self-sabotage, and overall stress while improving relationships, finances, confidence, health, clarity, processing, follow-through, and accountability.


The CR Process is a prerequisite for becoming a CR Practitioner. 

Earthwind Academy

The Earthwind Academy was created from CR  clients desiring to help others with this unique process. This online academy is set up to train and certify future practitioners from a unique, global classroom.

The CR Process is a prerequisite for becoming a CR Practitioner. There is no better text book than having your own CR Session to refer to while taking the CR Practitioner Certification Training.

Coaching & Content

We provide real time support in creating a results-driven marketing message via a book in 30 days experience, social media copy, and vision strategies that attract your aligned tribe of followers and customers.

We teach Relationship Marketing and guide our clients to achieve a clear direction by working through the internal and external factors influencing their personal performance and guiding them through ‘quick’ transformations.

21st Century Strategies

The Apex Level C-suite of the Global Fortune 1000

is looking for ways to take their company into the lead position of their industry.

We provide Consortium Pods of highly specialized Global Thought Leaders, Executive Coaches and Consultants who not only help each individual executive  personally and professionally, they provide ongoing support to include

and not limited to a customized:

Imposter Syndrome - Vision Strategy Planning and Implementation

Mergers/Acquisitions - Company Vision

Branding and Positioning going forward.

Our Vision Strategy Roadmap is a customized system based on achievement and successfully replaces traditional goals/time based systems of forecasting resulting in markedly lower employee turnover/absenteeism including health related expense while increasing revenue and position in their industry.


EBITDA line performance =

"happy shareholders"