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Business Model for the 21st Century

The world shut down. Lockdowns began to trigger businesses and they reacted to this crisis in many ways.

As business owners and corporate leaders, we invest in massive amounts of time, energy, and resources (usually money). We are taught that when a down-turn occurs, the first thing to think about is cutting costs and maximizing profits at the expense of labor and assets.


Those days, my friend, are gone forever.


How do you avoid the current great resignation and reposition your company before the next pandemic?

This book will get you started.


The consortium model is a paradigm shift utilizing the creative genius of the employees to create and maintain new and different revenue streams without the pressure of goals and timelines. In this model the company Vision becomes achievable and measurable.

"People who believe, achieve". ~Earthwind 

The Apex Level C-Suite of the Global Fortune 1000

is looking for ways to take their company into the lead position of their industry

Consortium provides pods of highly specialized Global Thought Leaders, Executive Coaches, and Consultants who not only help each individual executive personally and professionally, they provide ongoing support to include

and not limited to:

Imposter Syndrome - Vision Strategy Planning & Implementation

Mergers/Acquisitions - Company Vision

Branding & Positioning going forward.


We provide a three to five year customized vision strategy for your company.

Our Vision Strategy Roadmap is a customized system based on achievement and successfully replaces traditional goals/time based systems of forecasting. This results in markedly lower employee turnover and absenteeism, including health related expense, while increasing revenue and position in their industry.

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