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Experience the Difference CLARITY Can Make

When we are CLEAR, we are FREE to take ACTION

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Confusion is the opposite of Clarity!

Clarity keeps you on brand, authentic, and turns you into a client magnet.

I’m Linda Vettrus-Nichols, your Zone of Genius Clarity Coach. My Zone of Genius is keeping you in yours.

Getting CLEAR doesn’t have to take months, weeks, or even days!  My clients get results in just minutes because we work at the level of the Soul.

Your Soul already has your message, brand, and book in it I cut straight through the bullshit to zero in on the clarity that lives in your Soul.

In order to provide you with more clarity, I put together my many years of high end coaching and my understanding of Authentic Vibration and Authentic Relationship Marketing. The exercises in my FREE gift will allow you to take your business to the next level. Who you are selling rather than what are you selling is what really matters...

Evolve YOUR Business: 10 Success Tips for Developing Your Own

Authentic Relationship Marketing

“Marketing is no longer about sales it’s about being of service, it’s about

Authentic Vibration Relationship Marketing.” ~Linda Vettrus-Nichols

Sales are a direct result of developing long lasting connections.

Relationship building conversations create a more stable income structure for your business.

As a Performance Improvement Coach, Linda Vettrus-Nichols teaches Authentic Vibration Relationship Marketing. She provides real time support in creating a results-driven marketing message as well as materials, course curriculums, and signature systems that drive higher conversions and increase retention rates.

Working with Linda, Soul-Centered Entrepreneurs are able to reach a larger audience, make more money, and attract their real tribe.

Linda believes in creating a world where women are empowered by authenticity and are well supported in their growth. She helps her clients achieve a clear direction by working through the internal and external factors influencing their personal performance.

Linda is all about ‘biggest bang’ for your buck so she loves saving her clients both time and money by guiding them through ‘quick’ transformations.

Coaching Packages

For Trail Blazers, Truth Seekers, and Paradigm Shifters

Transformational Vibration (1 hour session)

We hear so much about vibration these days and sayings like, Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe. The thing is, no one is telling you how to do it. How to find your vibe via your Authentic Vibration. The one that brings in the bucks by drawing clients to you. The clients you chose to work with, the ones who ask you to work with them! The sales conversation is no longer an issue because now it’s just an easy conversation.

The perfect package even if, and especially if, you are already working with a coach!

Situational Marketing is the “New” Marketing!

(90 Minute) Situational Marketing Session


You have an idea and don’t want to hire a coach for six months. NOW you don’t have to! In 90 minutes with Terry Earthwind Nichols you will map out your new launch and action plan.


Contact Terry for an initial complimentary conversation around what Situational Marketing can do for your business. Click here to schedule. #SituationalMarketing

Clarity, Action, Visibility (30 Day packages)


Recorded Online Interview with Branded Slides, Includes Creating Your 100 Word Bio

If you are looking to be seen, be heard, and get your message out into the world then this package is for you.

Spend 30 Days with Linda developing deep clarity. This package includes the Transformational Vibration session, an online interview with ppt. slides, and a 100 word bio in first person.

You will receive the Mp4 of your interview and the ppt. slides that Linda creates and brands for you. Your slides can be used for your Signature Talks and speaking gigs. The perfect package even if, and especially if, you are already working with a coach!

Book in 30 Days

Create & Publish YOUR Book in just 30 Days!  Connect with the strength and beauty of your

fully embodied Soul. BOLDLY SHARE your story with the world.

Releasing your story is easier than you think…

You already have your Soul.

You already have your Story.

It’s time to embody your soul and birth that book!


Ignite: VIP Immersion Day

(includes The CR Process and 60 Days of follow-up)


Linda will... guide you and together you'll create a more engaging, proven, and transformational coaching curriculum that enhances retention rates and results in brand loyalty.

     -Empower you to break free from areas that are holding you back so that you can perform

       and execute with more confidence and consistency.

     -Teach you communication techniques that lead to better comprehension of your written

       material, a hell yes during your sales conversations, and quicker transformations for your


Imagine 6 months of coaching breakthroughs in one day with 60 days of follow-up. Your customized VIP Day includes positioning yourself in your target market and empowering you with a step-by-step growth plan you can implement immediately to move your business forward. If you do not need long term consistent support, this day is for you. It is also for you if you are in another coaching program and know you want the extra support that is tailored to your unique profile.


Are you ready to blast through your foundational block via The CR Process© which is included in this package?


When we change, we evolve!

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