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A Coach and Client

Testimonial Interview


When Gwen’s client reached out to us, she let us know that Gwen had helped her a great deal. 


Deeply ingrained triggers from some pretty stressful things that were going on in her life was what Gwen and her client had been noticing. Busting through blocks usually keeps a coaching client from triggering, and Gwen is very good with that piece.


Gwen’s coaching client, a healer and a coach herself, knew how much work she had done on herself and started wondering what we would do different with RBCR. 


Our new client went into the CR Session willing to “not question anything” as she put it in a post CR interview with Gwen and me.


“I'm just going to let it happen and I'm going to follow the directions just as they are given to me” and that’s exactly what she did, she trusted the process. 


It was an unusually long CR Session that included a continuation session, about 9 hours in total.


Interview with Terry, RBCR Client, and our Client’s Coach



“I had a lot of stuff that needed to be unlocked and gotten rid of and when it was all said and done, I was able to have my next coaching session with Gwen a week later. 


At the time of our last coaching session, I knew that Gwen had some frustrations at trying to help me get over my blocks. 


I certainly had a lot of frustrations trying to get through them and meet the goals we were working on. I came to my post CR coaching session with Gwen, about 180 degrees different than how I had left the week before.”


Coach (Gwen)

“When I got my client back a week later, I was astonished at how different Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression® was. All of a sudden she was an ideal client. She was open to everything that I had to say. She was cooperative. She was so ready and able to do the work and she started achieving her goals so fast. 


I was actually so impressed that I reached out to Terry because now I wanted a session! My skill set has expanded since I myself went through a CR with Terry. More things have come into my life like business opportunities, a love interest, and more healing modalities that are simple, direct, and painless.”



“As CR Practitioners, we don't find individual blocks, we find the Active Block. That walled off, foundational event that happened in early childhood, usually at the time of pre-language. 


When our client unplugs The Active Block, they are no longer controlled by their subconscious memories. They don’t need to know what all of the little blocks are because unplugging The Active Block, disconnects the controlling energy of those little blocks. 


Traditional ways of working with blocks won't get back there. This was a great experience and interview to show how Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression® can work for coaches and their clients, even when those clients are coaches themselves.” 


Interview 5 Months Later with Terry, RBCR Client, and Client’s Coach



“I am so pleased and actually really shocked that after five months, I have had no backward movement in my life. My triggers are no longer there. That is the most fabulous thing! I am not being triggered by them and for me, that is a breath of new life. 


I'm having a little bit of a spiritual crisis or a Dark Night of the Soul these days. At first it worried me and then I realized, this is an opportunity for me to really grow into more of the coach and healer that I really want to be. 


Books are just flying off my bookshelf wanting me to read them. For the past couple of weeks, I have been focusing on reading.”


Coach (Gwen)

“I've been taking care of myself a lot more and working with other people as well. The foundation that was created through my CR Session has allowed me to springboard into different areas of healing that I'm certain would not have happened. I wouldn't have been ready for them.” 



“Yes, The CR Process© does free you to be your own coach, as well as open you up for more.


It’s very important to have a coach to call you out on your own stuff, and yet the coach isn’t right there 24/7. 


When you can actually be your own coach, that really helps develop your personal skills. 


After the CR Session, our clients coach themselves for 7 days as we take them through The CR Process©... which as you know is a 30-day VIP experience.


Research says the best thing is self-coaching, especially around mindset, because it puts in new neural pathways. 


Then you can check-in with your coach to tweak your mindset, just a little bit, and you’ll get further faster. Does that make sense?


Do you or does someone you know, seem to have breakthroughs and yet repeatedly take no action? 


Maybe you or they were able to take some action, yet it was never consistent. The skill is there, along with the frustrating underachievement. This behavior is a bit of a mystery and neither one of you can put your finger on it.


The good news for you and others comes in the form of two powerful words…


Mystery SOLVED! 


The Active Block has the ability to outwit even the most experienced of coaches and therapists. 


Those of us in the ‘people helping business,’ understand that certain events can produce traumatic emotional tags that can be so severe a person actually sets into motion various protections that can cause them to forget the event even occurred.


I created Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression® (RBCR) while helping someone who was having a lot of emotional trauma and no therapies, medications, or techniques were working for her. As she guided me through her past, I began to look for the root cause of what was going on with her.” 


If you have any further questions or would like to make a referral, reach out and let’s chat...


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Jason Gatti2.jpg

I don’t fear change anymore. I am accepting the feeling of being uncomfortable. I now believe that if I’m uncomfortable that means I’m changing. As much as I fear change and hate the idea of change, I know I could use some change in my life. I’ve noticed that even with me feeling uncomfortable, I’m starting to feel safe, I don’t feel any emotional or physical pain today. This is the happiest I’ve been in years.” ~ Jason G.

Dr. Michelle Markham cropped.jpg

Procrastination suddenly seems to be less of a problem. I also feel safe in the boundaries of structure. This is actually comforting, where in the past it was always a burden and I fought against it. I feel like the block about not being good enough is totally gone. I feel like I can acknowledge fully that I am smart enough and capable of anything. I don’t feel held back by beliefs that I don’t deserve things and that is a freeing feeling.” ~Dr. Michelle Markham

I was resistant to doing the RBCR session because I was overthinking it. I tended to do that with everything in my life. I am now sleeping well. I am looking forward to whatever will come. I have an energy to get things done that I haven’t felt in a very long time. It’s like a huge shadow, that had been following me around, has dissolved and it is truly amazing. Gratitude for this life.” ~Clarice G.

Clarice Greeve.jpg
Julie Jakopic 2 cropped.jpg

It’s pretty amazing work because you don’t find blocks you find, as you’ve named it, The Active Block. The foundation of all kinds of patterns of behavior. That’s the best part, especially for an entrepreneur. Not only that, you have a way of neutralizing that block and defusing all of the emotional baggage connected to it. It’s a beautiful thing to have such a wave of inner peace settle into one’s being.” ~Julie Jakopic

Gwen Lepard.jpg

In this interview you will see the uniqueness of how what we're doing with Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression® has impacted a coach and her client. 


A few years ago, Linda and I reached out to Gwen Lepard, a coach we had met at a coaching event. After a great networking chat, Gwen told us later that she felt like we were doing something similar to the work she does with clients, and in her words, “...didn’t really pay attention.” 

A few months later Gwen was working on some really specific goals with a client who was running into some blocks. When Gwen realized she didn't have the skillset to help this client, my name popped into her head. “I wonder if what Terry and his wife Linda are doing would help this client?” 

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