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Mentor to the
World's Leaders

Hello, I'm Ambassador Terry Earthwind Nichols. I show business owners from the Apex level down how to look at sales & marketing from an achievement point of view resulting in increased sales, while lowering employee absenteeism.


My mentee success formula:? Vision + Achievement = +ROI

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Top 10 Global Thought Leader - Thinkers 360

I Want Someone I Can Trust

We are all individuals AND we all have hearts and souls that are searching for someone we can trust who will not take advantage of us. 


I am that "father" you wished you had growing up, that genius teacher you were inspired by, and that dear friend who always listened to understand you. I am the person you are seeking right now with tears in your eyes, because no-one could see your glory but you - until me...

I always listen to understand without ego or an agenda. 

I advise you in ways that will GET YOU to your vision and not just GOING to your vision. 

I will give you ideas that are born in real-time, based on a wealth of experience and NOT from a "shopping list" of limiting services. 

I only accept clients who are ready to ACHIEVE their vision and will embrace the journey to get there.


We throw out timelines and goals. REAL achievement is based on vision.

My mentees have become recognized as "people to watch" AND the world's leaders ARE watching. They have ranged from a one person start-up to senior leaders of their industries, spanning 6 continents. 

Here's your chance to achieve YOUR vision.  

Reach out to me so we can discuss your situation confidentially and openly. I offer a complimentary 30 minute inquiry call. This will allow me to see your vision and how I can mentor you while building that vision. 


A custom built journey, based on trust and achievement.


If we are not a good fit, I will help you find a mentor. 

Come walk with me...


"The journey is never as long when you share it with someone."

~ Earthwind


I'm remain open to accepting new mentees.

Let's connect.

+1 763-464-5785

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