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Master CR Practitioner Videos

“There is great ease when we live fully present from our Soul. Inner Peace will get us to World Peace” ~Linda Vettrus-Nichols

The Earthwind Academy was created from CR clients desiring to help others using The CR Process. This online academy is setup to train and certify future CR Practitioners from an online global classroom.


Enjoy Teaching?


Then Master CRP Certification is for you!
(Prerequisite: CR Practitioner (CRP) Certification)

Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression® (RBCR)

Master Certification enables you to teach others this life changing process

Master Certification

The CR Process is also used as a prerequisite to our certification program. Once you have been a CR client, you are eligible to request entrance into the Earthwind Academy to become a Certified CR Practitioner. If you enjoy teaching and would like to become a Master CR Practitioner, you can be considered for our Master Certification.

#CRWorks #RBCR

If you would like more information about joining Terry and Linda and eventually teaching The CR Process,

use our Contact page to enter your request. 

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