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“There is great ease when we live fully present from our Soul. Inner Peace will get us to World Peace” ~Linda Vettrus-Nichols

The Earthwind Academy was created from CR clients desiring to help others with this unique process. This online academy is set up to train and certify future practitioners from a unique, global classroom.


Enjoy Teaching?


Then Master CRP Certification is for you!
(Prerequisite: CR Practitioner (CRP) Certification)

Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression® (RBCR)

Master Certification enables you to teach others this life changing process

Master Certification

The CR Process is also used as a prerequisite to our certification program. Once you have been a CR client, you are eligible to request entrance into the Earthwind Academy to become a Certified CR Practitioner. If you enjoy teaching and would like to become a Master CR Practitioner, you can be considered for our Master Certification.

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